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Mike was interviewed on the Inspire Nation Show with Michael Sandler. His uplifting interview gives you the courage to go out on your own and make your dreams come true, IF you’re willing to work for it, and are in alignment with your goals.

Mike was interviewed on Embrace The Suck with Mike Kilcoyne. The interview reveals how a brain-injury early-on in his life changed everything; how he became an artist, an entrepreneur, and how a near-death experience pushed him to become an Inspirer.

Even though Mike has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur Magazine and The Denver Business Journal, he is most proud of the press coverage he received for a specific mural he painted that benefited and provided a ton of exposure for The Kempe Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. This was several years ago, so it may reveal Mike’s age 🙂 but does a great job at showcasing Mike as a person.

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