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Mike Stemple is a Colorado native and most known for his sports artwork from several of his murals and glass pieces he painted in the 90’s. While Mike never stopped painting, he took many years off as a professional artist to pursue a career in technology. Mike created 20 technology companies over the past 15+ years and his success stemmed from the intersection he saw between art and tech.

Mike is a self-taught creator and the first, and to this day the only active artist to paint on glass. His unique style is dedicated to creating glass pieces and large murals of wildlife, athletes, and soldiers.

Mike is now highly sought after in the startup tech space. He is a top rated mentor and advisor to numerous entrepreneurs and businesses. He is one of the top ideators in the startup world. Mike was also a sponsored endurance athlete where he competed in the Racing The Planet series where he would run 156 miles, unsupported, in places like the Atacama Dessert in Chile. But last year something unexpected happened. Mike fell in love with an entrepreneur, Nina Noelle Holmes, and his life changed. He stopped racing and they started a business together called Inspirer, where they help individuals and businesses bring ideas to life.

Little did Mike know that the love of his life would turn out to be one to encourage Mike to revisit his first love, art. Mike spends his free time on his passion for art while spending the majority of his time at Inspirer. Nina is by his side helping him do what he loves while they help and inspire others.


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